The Face of Transformational Coaching

Eva Ruland, PhD, iBlossom — Coaching + Inner Alchemy


Eva Ruland’s promise is to guide her clients in creating a life of love, ease, and joy. How does
she do that? She helps them connect with what makes their spirit soar, while also investigating existing limitations. “If we can recognize the limiting patterns that are at play, we can change them and replace them with beneficial structures,” says Ruland. Using her astute intuition, the insights of positive psychology, the wisdom of Jungian psychology, and adding a dash of shamanism and energy work where appropriate, Dr. Ruland gets results that often surpass her clients’ expectations. Those who were completely stressed and overwhelmed begin to relax and flourish, and those who never considered themselves worthy of love and happiness begin to experience joy.

Eva Ruland, PhD • iBlossom — Transformational Coaching + Inner Alchemy

Berkeley, 510-644-1566 (voice), 415-847-9410 (text),