Kids Need Kid-Size Furniture

Make your house kid-friendly by establishing a kiddie area with tyke-scaled tables and chairs.


A set of tables and chairs is a simple way to establish a safe and attractive kid’s zone where children can tap into their creative sides.

Photo courtesy of Serena and Lily

Having kids means embracing change, both in your life and in your home. Of course, you’ve got to do some baby-proofing, and that glass-topped coffee table should probably go.

But it’s a mistake to think that every bit of your house has to be turned over to the youngest set. Truthfully, kids, especially little ones, don’t require much by way of space. There is one thing they really do need, though, and it can make an enormous difference in how they experience your home.

First and foremost, what kids need more than anything else is a place where they feel comfortable and safe. Remember that most of the world is designed in an adult scale. For small children, standard chair seats are high, sofa cushions are deep, and tables are uncomfortably out of reach. So even if you do nothing else, be sure to create a zone in the house that is scaled for their smaller frames.

If space allows, a kid-sized table and chairs set is a sure bet. It can serve as an activity center, an informal eating area, and a quiet place to play. And there’s no need to settle for primary-colored plastic stuff, either. Bay-Area based Serena & Lily ( is a designer favorite for good reason. Its kids’ products are cheery and stylish and won’t look out of place next to your more adult furnishings.

Should space be tight, a shelf will make a surprisingly good stand-in for a full table and chair set. As long as it is about 11 inches deep, it will support drawing, eating, and Lego playing, with just a smidgen of square footage required.

As you see, the old adage is true: Good things come in little packages. That goes for your kids, and for their furniture, too.