Favorite Attractions

What’s so compelling in Alameda?


Chris Rummell: I really like the Pacific Pinball Museum. It’s always on my tour for out-of-town guests. It is fun for kids and adults, and the all-day admission gives you a chance to leave and come back as much as you want. And the jukeboxes are loaded with awesome records.

Linda Fernandez: Alameda’s best attraction is its weather. I absolutely love the climate on the Island — never too hot, never too cold.

Michele Hembree: Held on the first Sunday of every month, the Alameda Point Antiques Faire or “The Flea” is the largest vintage fair in Northern California and is a not-to-be missed destination in Alameda. The organizers do a great job of making sure all the vendors sell antique wares and other items from the past, from vintage clothing (with buses used as dressing rooms) to vendors that sell the old-fashioned way, laying everything out and always ready to make a deal.

Freddy Ramirez: I’m a huge fan of Spirits Alley. I love bringing people from out of Alameda there and love seeing their reaction when they discover the various places to enjoy spirits while enjoying incredible views. Rock Wall winery, Faction Brewing, and St. George Spirits are some of my favorite spots in Alameda.

Mary Ellen Giangreco: I think Alameda’s best attraction is its historic homes. I love the variety of architecture and styles that have been well-preserved. The Victorian, Tudor, Spanish, and Arts and Crafts style homes in Alameda are really special.

Noah Froio: My favorite attraction in Alameda is the USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum. It is just a wonderful place to wander around and get a brief feeling of what it must have been like to be a sailor or airman assigned to a carrier. The museum is unlike any of the other aircraft carrier museums in that she has not been structurally altered since her decommissioning in 1970. Where else in the Bay Area can $20 buy you an entire day of history, education, and plain old fun?

Chana Rojo: Alameda’s location was a big attraction when I was deciding where to live. I love being so close to San Francisco while still getting the benefits of a small community. On another note, I think the annual car show and the art and wine festival are great events that draw people to Alameda. And let us not forget our infamous Fourth of July Parade.