How to Make a Statement with Your Front Door

Dress it up with paint, accessories, and a spot of green for a quick upgrade.


Let your door roar.

Chris Fenmore,


As we roll into summer here in the East Bay, one thing is certain: We’ll all be spending lots of time outdoors. That makes this the perfect time to update your home’s exterior. No need to undertake a major renovation, though. Just concentrate your efforts on the entrance. A few quick changes there are enough to make the whole place feel refreshed.

First up: a new coat of paint for the front door. Use a bright and bold shade for a kick of fun, or something deep and moody for a hint of mystery. And why not branch out from the standard green, black, or red? Try a bold yellow, a dark purple, or even a sunny orange. There’s no better place for a bit of surprise. Whatever color you choose, be sure to use a paint with a lot of gloss to it. All that shine will make the door’s moulding really pop.

Once the color is set, it’s time to talk hardware. Door knockers, doorknobs, kickplates, and house numbers: These are a vital part of any entry. They act like jewelry, making everything feel polished and complete. If your taste skews traditional, check out the House of Antique Hardware ( It sells products crafted of solid brass, so your door will go the distance in both beauty and style. If your home is more modern in tone, you’ll like Emtek ( for door hardware, and Design Within Reach ( for Neutra-style house numbers. They’ll perk up any mid-century style ranch, or lend a Craftsman a more contemporary bent.

Next, consider the floor. All houses need doormats, and Ballard Designs ( sells ones that are durable and pretty. With materials ranging from moulded rubber to natural coir fiber, they’re sure to have one that suits. Don’t forget to provide a spot of green, either. A couple of planters will lend a vibe that’s both friendly and fresh, filled with anything from flowers to ferns.

These few upgrades will make your entrance feel like a brand new place. It’s the easiest makeover a house can get.

Sarah Coombs is an interior designer based in Alameda.